Fast moving consumer goods

In recent years we have implemented and introduced many different products in many foreign markets. We have commercialised all types of products such as groceries, ice creams, industrial pastries, vegetables, frozen fish, dried fruit and nuts and drinks. The export Factory is the current expertise in fast moving consumer goods.

Clients worldwide

We are working with more than 60 customers in over 40 countries worldwide. European countries are our number one priority as we can easily consolidate regular sales. We are however, very well connected in many countries further afield such as the USA, Canada, Australia, Korea, China and the Middle East.


From our office in Barcelona we work with all types of food trade customers. We are negotiating and working with retail buyers with current brands or  producing white label products. We also use importers, distributors and international sales agents for the introduction and representation of our products. Each product has its own commercial requirements.